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Data Transformation Services

We help our client to preprocess, label or synthetically generate huge data sets by which clients can derive maximum value.

We ensure efficient delivery, and faster quality review process which ensures high quality data sets for our clients. We also help to automate such processes by develop API based plugins or add-ins by which client can label or process huge datasets themselves.

Data Annotation, Video Tagging, Metadata Mapping, Maps-Data set Creations

We have team of trained resources who can do manual annotations and trained reviewers who ensures 100% accuracy of annotated data. The in-built smart town model gives us the ability to quickly ramp-up the team to meet any voluminous annotation requirement with stringent timelines.

CAD Data Extractors, Data Visualizations, Autonomous Vehicles Mapping, Testing of Data-Sets

We create customer and datatype specific utilities and tools which can partially or completely automate the process of data-annotation. We also provide validation features whereby customers can directly check correctness of any file or image or textual data.

Data Extraction, Data Tagging, Data Deduplication, Content Moderations, Video Transcriptions Sets

We can work with any available market tools or customer in-built tools to provide above services. We have completed many such projects which needed metadata mapping, video or content reviews, inappropriateness flagging etc.

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Ideas to Impacts Digital follows an innovative & integrated approach in handling of niche datatypes and content creation requirements.